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Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) comprises more than 3,000 IT and business professionals representing 2,485 organizations who are responsible for driving enterprise mobility initiatives.

MTL provides valuable opportunities for its members to collaborate and share information on how to overcome mobility challenges, keep pace with emerging best practices and achieve breakthrough mobile innovation for their companies.

Through peer-to-peer connections and strategic discussion forums, MTL members are advancing their mobility programs - with inspiration & commiseration shared along the way.

Mobile Technology can be the strategic enabler driving transformation, competitive advantage, and growth within the enterprise. Unfortunately, knowing which initiatives to pursue first can be a daunting task for MTL members. Difficult challenges often stop strategic mobility ideas from becoming a reality, however best practice provided by MTL pioneers help others accelerate their path to breakthrough innovation. Learn from others’ mistakes and frustrations - with candid cautions and lessons learned along the way.



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MTL Member Testimonials

"The most important thing when implementing our BYOD program and policy was getting buy in from our executives, the technology part was easy. Having approval from the top and educating our end users on expectations was the hard part."

- Mobile Analyst at Large Private Hospital

"With our BYOD policy, communication is key. BYOD users can continue using active sync to access email etc. but must be enrolled in our MDM platform. We have Q&A about our policy on our SharePoint site, we have enrollment guidelines clearly defined, and we also clearly communication the benefits of BYOD to our employees."

-  Head Client Solution at Health Care System