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Sponsor Benefits

Yes, you can invest in trade shows with the spray and pray approach, but with the MTL Community there is laser focus on segmentations (industry, persona and geography groupings), and trending topics in the MMS market.

  • A Global Community for Social Marketing
  • Interactive LinkedIn Group with 2,000+ Members
  • Exposure to Community that supports trusted 3rd party vendors
  • Membership growth by colleague referrals
  • Insight into industry trends and roadmap initiatives from research data
  • “Hear it from the field” feedback to better position service offerings with raw feedback of technologies
  • Workshops and demos to educate on new platforms and technical solutions


MTL Sponsor Testimonials

"It is early on in our partnership agreement we are very optimistic, but we are already seeing the value of the MTL community. We have seen a broad enterprise reach of membership, an established vehicle for sharing thought leadership, and great brand recognition of companies that participate. We look forward growing our partnership year end and into 2017."

- Global Strategic Channel Manager at Google


"Mobile Thought Leader events have been immensely important to our business over the past several years. The engagement model gives us a far more unique and valuable forum with prospects and customers.  MTL's have given us the opportunity to become more intimately aware of their challenges and desired business outcomes. And the program has allowed us to become more agile in our response to market drivers."

-Channel Sales at AirWatch


"During the most recent MTL event we sponsored an exclusive Healthcare BYOD Panel Discussion, the event was an overall great experience for our panelists, viewers and for us (or all parties involved), It’s never an easy task to coordinate an event and be able to predict the success of it, but the way the MTL community gathers the interest of its viewers and delivers on their specific needs is like no other community."

- Enterprise Sales Manager  at VMware